NIK_7500_4KThis is a test post that I’m adding in order to make sure everything looks right. And this is just a big wall of text so I can see what text looks like on the website. The photo is one of my shots from the 2016 24 Hours of Daytona sportscar race. There were lots of photographers at the event; it’s a great opportunity to capture unique motorsports imagery. It’s also just a vividly memorable and surreal experience as a whole. The entire atmosphere at an endurance race changes at night — the flaming exhausts, eye-searing LEDs and raucous engine notes combine to produce a very futuristic, almost Tron-like environment that you don’t find in any other type of racing. And the timescale of the competition is something that you truly have to be there in person to fully appreciate. You usually get a feel for that when the cars race straight through sunrise like they don’t even notice or care on the morning of the second day.