The strongest impression we left Alex’s interview with, was “fun”. It’s clear that Alex has a lot of energy and enthusiasm surrounding photography, and it’s a great release valve from his 9-to-5 IT job. For him, photography is the perfect combination of creative expression, technology, and adventurous travel – a common theme among hobbyist photographers and one that we really resonate with as well. Enjoy this selection of his stunning images from across Europe!

What’s a typical day in your life?

I think it’s a pretty common one, I work in the IT industry for a big company, a so called “9 to 5” job, but I like it.
After work I usually enjoy hanging out with friends.

What first drew you to night photography, and then how did your interest grow?

When you grow up watching Star Wars and Star Trek, observing the night sky through telescopes with your uncle and so on you have to love all the lights and stars at night! I love lights, colors, reflections and stars at night no matter whether it’s in remote landscape areas or in urban city places. My first shot with a tripod was at about midnight at a power plant in my region, and after I saw the result I became addicted to night and long exposure shots. Thunder, moonlight and the Galaxy core in the Milky Way are still things to hunt for, forever.

Industrial Fire by Alex Gaflig on

What sources do you draw inspiration from – what influences your photography?

500px is my number 1. So many high quality pictures of all kind, and you can get in touch with many people. I met people I shoot with often, like Cludes Tomato, on there.

Blue Eye Stari Most (Crazy Trip Spot#5) by Alex Gaflig on

How has photography influenced you as a person, or influenced other parts of your life?

The most noticeable thing was how you see the world in a different way. There is a composition everywhere for a good picture! I also found the one thing that connects my inner tech freak, my desire to travel, and creativity.

Silent Venice by Alex Gaflig on

What’s your favorite piece of photography equipment you currently own, and why?

I shoot with the Sony Alpha 7 Mark II and mainly with the wide angle 16-35mm, plus for star photos a 14mm 2.8. It’s compact, it’s lightweight, and the performance is incredible when it comes to things like dynamic range.

Lighthouse of the Galaxy by Alex Gaflig on

What advice would you have for others who are trying to balance a full-time career with a passion for photography?

Make plans. Plan everything. Time and timing is important, so if Plan A fails have something else in your backhand. And write down your ideas! I did some of my ideas years after I wrote them down. Finally, you could just grab a friend and drive somewhere on the weekend.

One Night in Halstatt by Alex Gaflig on

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